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Retirement Solutions

It has been my pleasure to receive professional services from Schmidt + Associates since 1997 when we began our business relationship with my personal tax return preparation.  In 2003, Schmidt +Associates assisted me to make a fair market proposal to acquire Beck Sales Inc. and provided me with consultation on preparing a solid business plan along with the financial guidance and contacts needed to successfully purchase this business.  I now depend on Harry and his staff to provide all our accounting and tax preparation with complete quarterly financial statements and analysis.

Harry has been extremely responsive to our needs at every turn.  He has the ability to draw on his wealth of experience and apply it to current issues.  That has made him a tremendous resource and a trusted advisor.  Harry's staff is extremely qualified and readily available for all our needs.  I highly recommend Schmidt + Associates for all personal or business financial and tax services.

- John Soltis
Beck Sales Inc.

Whether you are young or wish you were younger... moderately compensated or highly paid... assuring a financially secure retirement is up to you.  There are countless tax and financial planning decisions you need to make now that will affect your lifestyle in years to come.

Schmidt + Associates can help you manage all of the variables associates with smart planning now and for the future.  Of course, no one knows exactly what the future holds, but we can help you analyze the variables, make informed decisions, and set up a plan that helps you achieve the lifestyle that you desire. 


Our retirement planning recommendations address a variety of issues, including:

  • Cash flow planning
  • Managing investment risk
  • Investment alternatives
  • Optimizing retirement plan distributions
  • Maximizing social security benefits
  • Long-term budgeting for maximum long-term income
  • Maximizing tax deferred wealth for future generations