Our Approach

#1: Understanding Your Goals

First and foremost, we know that your goals, financial or otherwise, won’t get met unless they’re understood. At Schmidt + Associates, we begin by listening to our clients – both to determine what they’re looking for from working with us and to gain an understanding of their business and those goals. By starting here, with understanding the client first, we develop a relationship that is focused on teamwork, common interests, and realistic strategies to get you there.

#2 Customized Game Plan

We customize our approach to meet each individual’s needs. We will work with you to understand your issues, challenges, strengths, and opportunities for growth. We create value by compiling that information into a well-thought-out plan that will help you increase wealth, profit, and cash flow while decreasing taxes and nixing that pesky worry altogether!

#3 Results

Our results will give you peace of mind that the financial necessities of your business are handled so you can concentrate on growth opportunities. Further, we work with you to see strategic opportunities to make you and your business more profitable and enable you to develop financial freedom, independence, and eventual transition.


At the end of the day, we’re all about partnership here at Schmidt + Associates. It’s important that you feel we’re in it with you rather than viewing us simply as a service provider. We focus on your needs, and the needs of your business in order to offer the right strategies to meet those needs, achieve your goals and propel you toward greater financial success. We work alongside you with the knowledge that you’re just like us – business owners constantly looking to the future to improve financial success.

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