Retirement Solutions

Whether you are young or wish you were younger… moderately compensated or highly paid… assuring a financially secure retirement is up to you.  There are countless tax and financial planning decisions you need to make now that will affect your lifestyle in years to come.

Schmidt + Associates can assist you with retirement plan options and maximize your social security benefits in the ever-changing world.

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard to become who you are, and at Schmidt + Associates, we understand that. Whether your estate is simple or complex, our experts will work with all of your current advisors to find the best available solutions for you.

We work closely with local Denver and national attorneys to create smart and workable plans that achieve the goals you want for you and your family. Remember, it’s important to prepare now in order to ensure your assets are distributed in the most equitable and efficient manner possible. Plan now to protect your assets and provide options for your family when you’re gone.

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